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About Us

Who we are?
Paws Express is the ultimate online pet store that stocks all the leading brands and delivers them to you and your family pets in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra.

What we believe?
At Paws Express, we firmly believe in three things:

1) Your pets might be part of your life but for them, you are everything. Pets are the greatest companions in our life and they deserve to be looked after.
2) People have busy work lives and a lot of things to worry about on top of their pets. It can sometimes be hard to get out of our way to get pet supplies.
3) Shopping with Paws Express allows you to provide the best care for your pets but at the same time save you time and money.

Why shop with Paws Express?
We often hear pet owners complain about shopping for their pets. Either the price is too high, the 15kg bag of dog food is too heavy to handle, or work is simply too busy and we forget to get more cat litter as it is running out.

That's why we founded Paws Express - because we believe we can create a much better shopping experience for you and your pets.

No, unfortunately you may not yet touch or feel the products you would like to buy (as we currently do not have a store front) BUT our experienced pet expert team is there for you and your pets 7 days a week. They will answer your questions on products, help you get a product that you cannot find elsewhere, or even tell you where the best place to walk you dog is! Our exceptional pet experts are always there for you.

Yes, we stock all the premium pet food and products you need for your pets. Better yet, you can get them at our amazingly low price and we will deliver them straight to your doorstep.

And yes, we will also offer you deals at your local pet service providers such as pet hotel and pet groomer etc.

There are a lot more reasons you should shop with Paws Express. But the truth is, you will never find out unless you start today!

Happy Shopping!